Bits from Bill
Bits From Bill

Due to health issues, popular products or services once developed and supported by BillP Studios are no longer available. Recognizing the first of its kind technology, our popular WinPatrol software is now owned by Ruiware, LLC.

By merging WinPatrol technology with its Artificial Intelligence engine, the WinPatrol brand is now used to fight RansomWare, Malware, Phishing Attacks and Zero-Day Threats. You can still go to

I will always be grateful to all the support and kind words from those who appreciated the time and effort I put into my work. While it would have been nice to retire with cash in the bank, I sleep better knowing I made a difference and never installed unwanted toolbars. It's an honor when I hear from folks who were introduced to WinPatrol back when it was released as "BirthdayWare." In 1997, nobody had heard of malware or spyware but an infection by a password surfer encouraged me to create WinPatrol in my spare time.

I still have hope I can create another special something. If I do, I'll share the news here.

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While I won't be following up my own Blue Hat service I'm not surprised to see many companies have developed similiar services. Experian, ID Agent, On-Site Technology, Alien Vault, Massive Alliance, Digital Stakeout and more now offer 24 x 7 monitoring of your information on the dark web.

Marketed as an early indication of identity theft, companies claim to scour the dark/deep web commonly characterized as the wild west of the Internet. The credit reporting company Experian introduced their free "Dark Web Email Scan" that lets you know if your email is found on the Dark Web. For $9.99 a month they'll look for your Social Security, Drivers License, Credit cards and more. Ironically, the same month the service was announced, one of the other credit bureau's Equifax acknowledge a major data breach. If Experian or one of the other dark web monitors doesn't find your info they must be doing something wrong.

Bits from Bill
Bits From Bill

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