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BillP's WinPatrol Toolkit

Due to an incorrect warning by Google's Chrome Browser this program has been temporarily been removed. This program was provided free but I can't say when it will be available again. Given this kind of error I now recommend Microsoft's new Edge browser.

This program is designed to make it easy to take advantage of some of the little known features of WinPatrol. I'm pleased the new owner of WinPatrol is continuing to provide the same high quality for our program. I have communicated with Bret so my Toolkit will contiue to work with his new versions. One of the main features is the ability to assign sound files to individual notifications of system changes.
Assign one sound for new Startup Programs, another for new Windows Services. This was made available using the Windows Control Panel Sound Applet for our users who are legally blind. The BillPWinPatrolToolkit makes assigning sound files easier.
I've also heard from many users anytime I changed the main icon for Scotty. The WinPatrol Toolkit allows you to change the icon as it appears on the system tray. It may not be a huge feature but I know it's important to many of you.

Task Catcher 2 and 64 bit

Task Catcher 2 is a complete rewrite of our original program. Our free version allows two programs from each feature set. When you purchase a Task Catcher license you can monitor an unlimited number of programs. While I've never been a fan of 64 bit Windows I'm excited to finally offer a native 64 bit version of Task Catcher. If you havve a 64 bit version of Windows you can download our native build from our main Task Catcher page

Corporate Identity Opens the Back Door

Using real data is dangerous. In less than 15 minutes I was able to find information about “former” Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel. His mother’s maiden name was Schreindl. He graduated from Homestead High School. His first job was at Steinhafel's Furniture and he attends Wayzata Community Church. Born in Milwaukee, Steinhafel graduated from Carroll University in 1977 and earned an MBA from Northwestern University two years later. I could say more but for the safety of his wife and three children I’ll stop here.

Learn more about BlueHat Hacking

If Target had requested a BlueHat Hacker Report, they would have been warned. When a high school kid gained access to Sarah Palin’s email he wasn’t a computer genius. He just looked up the answers to the security questions used by Yahoo. Even though that was way back in 2008 this method has continued to grow as the number one way to steal personal data.

Running for vice president this was all they needed to protect a personal email account

Anthem Inc. Failed to do BlueHat Research

You'll be hearing more about the exposure of 80 million customers and employees of Anthem Inc. Not only did they lack any kind of BlueHat research they failed to meet HIPAA requirements to encrypt their data. I raised a lot of eyebrows when I disclosed that Target was successfully compromised using social engineering based on personal information published for former CEO Gregg Steinhafel. I couldn't help but see parallels with information published about

Our focus continues on consumer security with the understanding it only takes one individual to compromise the entire security of a large enterprise. Using Blue Hat research we can help reduce the chances you'll be a victim of any attack. Using our newest Task Catcher app you'll reduce the changes any malcious program can run without your permission.

Lady passed away on August 20th 2014 surrounded by a loving family. Lady enjoyed the warmth of computers and listening to her favorite song, "Soft Kitty.""

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